The Connected Method® post care plan:

Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner:

  • We always recommend a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.  Extensions dry out easily and need to be constantly hydrated.
  • We recommend products that are sulfate-free. 
  • We recommend light to medium weight products. If a shampoo and conditioner are too heavy, it will be more difficult to rinse out and cause build-up on the extensions. 
  • If your hair extensions are getting dry or damaged, we recommend using a shampoo and conditioner made to recover damaged hair.  
  • Rinse THOROUGHLY in order to prevent buildup and matting.


Leave-in Conditioner:

  We recommend a leave-in conditioner that has multiple benefits:

  • Nourishes the hair
  • Smooths the cuticle and helps prevent breakage
  • Adds Moisture
  • Heat Protection
  • Detangles

Apply leave-in conditioner on wet hair before you blow dry, or on dry hair daily to replenish ends.

Toning Shampoo/Conditioner:

  •  Hair extensions absorb pigment faster than natural hair. Apply the toning shampoo or conditioner first to the natural hair and then pull through the hair extensions at the end. NEVER apply the toning shampoo/conditioner directly to the extensions without lathering the product in your hands.  If the toning product is not applied evenly to extensions that are fully saturated with water first, you risk vibrant and uneven absorption.  After any toning product, we recommend using a deep conditioner. 

Deep Conditioner:

  • We recommend using a deep conditioner at least once a month to prevent the extensions from drying out.  
  • If you feel that your extensions are becoming dry or tangled, deep condition up to once a week.


  • Apply oil from mids to ends at least once a day.  
  • Avoid oil with silicones in them for the most benefit to the extensions.   

Sleeping with extensions:  

  • After you oil the ends of your hair, put your hair in a low ponytail or loose braid with a gentle hair tie (ex: silk scrunchy).


Swimming/Ocean Maintenance:

The ocean and chlorinated water are the two most common ways for extensions to get dried out and ruined.  It is possible to have extensions in both of these settings, here are our recommendations before getting in the water:


  1. Never leave the hair down and loose in the water. It will immediately begin to tangle making it difficult to brush out later. 
  2. Coat hair with a leave-in conditioner, conditioner, or hair mask and then put it up or braid it to give it extra protection before it gets wet. 
  3. Shampoo the extensions well after swimming to be sure all the salt or chlorine has been thoroughly removed. 
  4. We always recommend doing a deep conditioner after swimming. 
  5. If you plan on doing a scuba trip or know that you will be under water most of the time, we recommend taking the extensions out during the trip. Even with the advice given, there is always a risk that the extensions could get ruined.

Hair care and tips:

  • Hold the top of the weft while brushing
  • Do not brush the stitching at the top of the weft
  • Make sure you rinse and brush in between your wefts thoroughly 
  • Brush your hair multiple times a day
  • Wash your extensions 1-2x per week (you can braid them or put them to the side and just wash the top of your hair more often if desired)