Salon Program


Welcome future (we hope) Instructors of The Connected Method!


Firstly, we want to thank you for what you have already done for the hair industry by providing such a beautiful space to allow stylist and guests to experience each day. That is such a gift and we recognize the hard work and time you have dedicated to creating it. If you are here, that means we have hand-selected you to join this exclusive opportunity to certify stylists in The Connected Method. We're thrilled to welcome you into our program and share with you how this innovative hybrid approach to education can profoundly impact the growth of both your salon and your stylists.
In today's rapidly evolving industry, continuing education is paramount to staying ahead and maintaining a high level of expertise. We've seen firsthand the transformative difference between salons that prioritize education and those that do not. It's this realization that inspired us to develop the Salon Program.
We've specifically chosen you to become an Instructor because we recognize your unwavering passion for this work and the dedication you exhibit every day in creating intentional and mindful spaces for both stylists and guests alike. Just as you've infused mindfulness into your salon environment, we've meticulously crafted The Connected Method with the same level of care and intention.
It's important to note that we'll only be partnering with 1-3 carefully selected salons per state. We believe you embody the qualities of the type of salon owner we want to collaborate with, and we invite you to take the time to consider if we align with your vision and values as well. Our aspiration is to establish a long-term working relationship where we can mutually support each other in bringing something truly unique and positive to the industry we all hold dear.
We're excited about the potential of what we can achieve together and look forward to the opportunity of creating a brighter future for the beauty industry.


Becoming an Instructor


As an Instructor for The Connected Method, you'll play a pivotal role in delivering our unique educational experience. Our program combines online education with in-person courses, where the main education and instruction are facilitated through our online platform. While you'll provide hands-on guidance and support during in-person classes, the core curriculum is delivered digitally. This hybrid approach ensures a well-rounded learning experience for participants.


Step 1: Access the Program

Our program operates on an annual basis, providing you with unlimited access to the Salon Program for the entire year upon purchase($899). During this period, you have the flexibility to host as many courses as you wish. As the year draws to a close, you'll be given the choice to renew your role as an Instructor for The Connected Method or discontinue it. Should you decide to renew and maintain your status, an annual fee of $899 will be required.


Step 2: Requirements

Before hosting your first certification course, there are a couple requirements you'll need to fulfill as a new Instructor. Firstly, you must complete the program yourself and obtain certification. Additionally, you'll need to procure the necessary equipment, including mannequin heads, stands, and practice hair. It's also essential to have a means of projecting our online program visibly during the course, ensuring that participants have a clear view of the instructional materials. You will receive an Instructors Handbook that will provide all needed information and recommendations to host a successful course along with our support and help along the way.


Step 3: Charging for Courses

We recommend that you charge a per-ticket fee for stylists attending your certification courses. Additionally, each attending stylist must have their own Connected Method kit, which is essential for hands-on practice during the course. While we suggest a ticket price of at least $350, plus $150 for the kit, the final pricing decision is yours.

Step 4: Final Preparations

As you prepare to host your first course, familiarize yourself with our program's dynamics. Your role involves guiding class discussions and assisting in education delivery. Study the Instructor's Handbook beforehand as it will provide knowledge and tools necessary for a successful course experience.