Salon Owner Program


No one cares more about your salon and stylist than you do, which is exactly why we created this program. We believe that when education is brought into a salon it can only help motivate, inspire, and create more success for your stylists and salon.


Because of this, we created a NEW WAY TO EDUCATE. 


The Salon Owner Program is designed for you to offer in house education however it works best for you. We recognize that all salons are created differently which is exactly why we believe that education should also be done differently. We created the Education, now you get to host it however you feel it best fits your salon specific  to your stylists. The Salon Owner Program is complete with ALL THE EDUCATION needed, with the assistance of you as the Instructor. In other words, a hybrid program. Part ONLINE, part IN PERSON.




How it works.

We have created The Connected Method® Online Certification, which contains 40+ instructional videos and read aloud sections to help master our method of hair extensions. After 10+ years of developing our method, we are so excited to be able to share it with you. 
Let's see if it's a good fit for your salon!


You purchase The Connected Method Online Certification Course ($750 Annual Fee) for your Salon. You receive immediate access to the course post purchase.



Each stylist must purchase The Connected Method Loop Tool + Line prior to the course as these two items are required to perform The Connected Method. We do recommend purchasing The Connected Method Starter Kit (includes loop tool + line)  however you are free to choose whether you expect that of your stylists or choose to provide the necessary tools for all stylists. All items available HERE.



Consider charging each stylist a fee to attend the course. We have seen that investing in yourself = growth. We recommend charging $350+ per stylist + the kit ($150). 


That's it!

You host our course your way! We are here to help if you need any recommendations or instructions on how to host a successful course. We are always happy to lend support as you take the next step in growing your salon!