Tips for Change

The Connected Method®

Why Tips for Change?

We have spent over 10 years being a part of this beautiful industry and have loved every minute of it.  Throughout our own experiences behind the chair and being surrounded by so many amazing and talented stylists, we realized that as independent as our job may be, we could create huge change if we would simply come together.  Why did we create Tips for Change?  Because we want to unite the people of the hair industry and by doing so, create change through out the world that we believe the hair industry is capable of.  Each of us as individuals are different ethnicities, different religions, different EVERYTHING.  We believe by bringing thousands of different kinds of people together for one special cause can and will empower our industry and us as individuals.  We are an artistic and unique group of people that cover every part of the world which means together, we can reach and help every corner of the world.  Do you understand how rare that is?  We believe the roll of a hairdresser is one unlike any other that exists.  Every day we step behind the chair we are in a position to not just beautify another human but to help another soul.  We can and should be doing that every time we step into that space, but if we can do that as one person, can you imagine what we could do as a whole industry?

Tips for Change is a call to action. We are asking hairstylists around the world to step up, grab another, and come join.  Every year for the month of June, we will ask you again and again to do just that.  Join with us and help create unity through out the industry which we believe can and will do the same throughout the world.  We can't do it alone, WE NEED YOU.

What is our Call to Action?

Each year The Connected Method® will very mindfully seek another special cause in support of hairstylists.  Whether that be fundraising for a charity/non-profit/foundation created by stylist, or supporting a stylist in need.

We will then spend the month of June creating awareness about whom we have selected and ask every stylist willing to participate to help.  Help us spread the word to everyone about who is in need and what Tips for Change really is.  We will then extend our big ask to donate any amount of your tips that you are willing to give.  Every dollar we make will go directly to the cause chosen for that year.  Together we will make a difference.

June 2022 Focus

Tips for Change matters.

We believe so much in this mission and hope that you will choose to take part in it.  This year we are beyond excited to have our focus be on Megan Hunt and the R.A.W. Foundation.  A couple years ago, her daughter Rawkee was caught in a farm fire and after almost two months in the University of Utah Burn Clinic, thankfully survived.  Because of this experience the R.A.W. Foundation was created and their work began.

This year's donations will be going towards their very first R.A.W. Challenge Experience where they will bring in a burn/trauma survivor and create a week long experience to help them find purpose and peace for their pain.  Megan loves the hair industry and is heavily involved which is why through out the week long experience, she will hold part of it within her own salon where she and a team of other stylists and specialists will use their artistic abilities to bring what this survivor finds as their inner warrior to life.  After this powerful moment there will be a photoshoot performed for this person to always remember who their Real Authentic Warrior really is.  A stage will be created for this individual where they will get to share their story and show off their scars.  What a beautiful and empowering way to use the gifts and talents of a hairdresser.  Please join us to make this possible.


Join with us Next Year as we find yet another stylist in need of help!