Was created by two very passionate hairdressers. As we began our careers we quickly realized that hair extensions would be our main focus however while offering them, we also realized there were a few flaws we wanted to fix. Being able to install hair extensions was great but unfortunately wasn't an option for every client. We had countless clients sit in our chair that struggled from medical conditions to mental illness to postpartum and more. Each of these clients resulting in the same thing, thinning and damaged hair. Because of this, it made it to risky to install hair extensions to their already weakened hair. It was because of this, that The Connected Method began. The goal was to create a method of hair extensions that could look natural, be low maintenance, but above all, prevent damage to the natural hair. After years of work and testing, we believe we have done just that. We now feel confident installing our method of hair extensions into not just clients with healthy hair, but also those with compromised hair.  It has been amazing to see so many clients with severe hair loss and damaged hair take their first look in the mirror and see something they never thought they would. A head FULL of hair. However the absolute best part of all of this has been hearing about how experiencing The Connected Method has given them a new found confidence. We know hair extensions can't change the difficult things that people go through in their lives, but we do know that they can help. And that was the whole purpose to creating The Connected Method.